The Midnight moon

2 min readJun 1, 2021

Oh god! I hate my job… Typical 9 to 5 IT firm jobs with zero future, makes me question all my previous decisions. I have been seriously considering changing my lifestyle and career direction. But let’s deal with the present first, I thought to myself while walking down the street and waiting for an Ola.

I closed my eyes and wished that I could have a mug of brewing coffee and swoosh! A mug landed in my hands! What is going on? Am I dreaming?! I kept staring cautiously at the coffee mug. Is this real? Am I going mad?! Scared and excited at the same time, I sipped into the mug. Yes! My favorite latte, just the way I love it. This can’t be a coincidence, I closed my eyes and wished for a cookie and swoosh! A cookie landed on my hand. Confused and amazed, I closed my eyes wished for an Ola, and nothing happened. I again wished for a cookie and swoosh!! I got it again.

It took me few minutes to realize that my wishes are working miraculously only when I am wishing for food items. How is this happening, I looked around and found people busy on their phones. Ok, so no one has noticed this questionable thing happening with me. I have never felt such a huge amount of adrenalin in my life. Maybe I am a superhero now! With my weird yet miraculous power.

What now? What should I do?! Should I call my family and friends to tell them, or do I inform the media first? Looking across the street, I noticed a poor lady with her child on her lap, begging for money. Got it!! I know what I have to do !! I closed my eyes and wished for food for them, and swoosh, magically food appeared in front of them. The lady was shocked and hesitating at first, but then she started relishing the food. I couldn’t be happier, seeing them so desperately eating the food.

I walked all night, every road I could travel, and wished for food every time I saw a needy person. I couldn’t be happier. A seemingly stupid power turned out to be the solution to the world hunger problem. I looked at the moon, it was nearly midnight.

Tonight I didn’t notice the scars on the moon’s face, I looked beyond it. The brightness and warmth it provided were different tonight. Every turn of my life now makes sense; I think I am a better person now. The midnight moon gave me hope; the hope of a better future. I will make this world a better place!

Originally published at on June 1, 2021.