I Envy Her

2 min readJul 13, 2021


Photo by Nicolas Solerieu on Unsplash

I envy her, for all her brilliant success,

She tastes the sunshine; while I keep engulfing darkness,

For all her marvelous friends she keeps on making,

As I suffer endless pain; and ends up in my heartbreaking,

She reaches new heights every day as if it all belongs to her,

While I try to stay afloat fighting tides that are brutally severe.

I envy her, for being so gorgeous,

Being flawless like Venus; Angels praising her being extra cautious,

While she gets all those lilies and romantic proposes,

I get wounded by thorns and bruise myself with dead roses,

Every curve holding a never-ending ocean of pleasure,

A divine beauty descended from paradise, she is a lifelong treasure.

I envy her, for her lovable family,

The one who picks you up, and holds you for eternity,

All those delicious dishes she gets to relish,

While I keep searching for happiness; in an ambiance being hellish,

For all the love she gets to keep,

While I keep drowning in my tears; sorrow crawling skin deep.

I envy her, for stealing him away from me,

Abandoning me on a lonely shore; standing on the face of a scary sea,

I loved him so fondly, as if he was a part of me,

Yet she seized him away from me; as if I was never meant to be,

I remember him describing her, his voice so splendid,

I knew he loved her before he knew you did.

Days pass by, but nothing really changes,

She was unearthly to me, and still, she remains strange,

She sucked all the passion, which I poured into my life,

It’s all worthless now; no heartfelt reason to survive,

So Yes, I envy her; and I will keep repeating it like my prayer,

And I will keep hating her; as if she poisoned my part of the air.