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We don’t need any special occasion to celebrate the greatness of women; they behave like the backbone of humanity. Time and again, women have proved their importance, and their capability to compete and hustle with their male counterparts. But unfortunately, a huge amount of potential that is typical Indian housewife isn’t being utilized yet. Being in the 21st century and developing country like India, the question arises that are we using our resources to their fullest? Are women using their entire potential to explore above and beyond the horizon?

Evergreen Education

As a kid, one of the proverbs which influenced me was “If you teach a boy, you are educating an individual, but if you educated a girl, then you are educating the whole family”. Education gives wings to a person and helps to break through the cage of illiteracy. Daughters live as a burden to the family, or as property to be married away. According to research, the literacy rate of females in India in the year 2011 was 65.46%, whereas the male literacy percentage was 82.14%. This basic study helps to focus our attention on the need for female education. Schemes like mid-day meals, girl child fees relaxation have created a great impact on the society and schooling system for female students. Television advertisements, awareness programs should be thoroughly conducted, to stress education as one of the basic necessities for any individual, irrespective of gender. It’s high time that families acknowledge the importance of female education, and send their daughters to school.

Responsibilities and chaos

A typical Indian housewife is expected to work 24 X 7, nonstop. Even a working woman is expected to enter the kitchen and start cooking as soon as she returns from the office. The Indian society is sculptured in such a way, that the husband is not expected to contribute to the daily home chaos, everything is to been done by the wife. Most of the working women have to give up their jobs after the birth of the first child, as single-handedly working at both home and office isn’t possible. Even children’s daycare centers aren’t so popularized yet, that a mother can leave her child tension-free. In 2017, 2237 daycare providers were found to be abusing and neglecting children in their care. At this alarming rate, mothers choose to sacrifice their careers, rather than sacrificing their child’s safety. One of the primary solutions can be creating a safe environment at the daycare center so that mothers of newborns aren’t forced to give up their jobs. A small helping hand from the male spouse can do wonders to save an exhausted and equally tired wife.

Role of spouse

The role of a husband is the most important when it comes to determining the worth of his wife. Everyone knows the tennis legend Serena Williams, it’s time to shed some light on her supporting husband. Serena William’s husband extended his support in a heartwarming way at the Australia Open, this year. Alexis Ohanian wore a T-shirt written, “Greatest Female Athlete”, with the word “Female” being crossed out. This huge step not only established the supremacy of this tennis legend but also shut down all the gender barriers. Many times it’s observed, that the husband or the in-laws, force the wife to give up her ongoing education or job, or even hobbies. Each and every boy should be taught the importance of female education, and their role in making this possible. The ‘boy’ of today, will be the ‘man’ of tomorrow, they should also be treated with dignity. Importance of education for all and gender equality lessons should be given at school, as well as at the home.

Past researchers and results

Life is harsh, not everyone’s dream comes true. But most of the time it is seen the female counterpart is expected or forced to give up her dreams. Let it be relocation to the in-law’s house after marriage or husbands transfer to another state, the wife is always expected to compromise. A woman’s qualification is directly judged, and a more qualified woman is not very desirable in normal households, as they are considered to be rebellious. Married women are twice as likely to be divorced within 3 years after their promotion to CEO level compared to male counterparts. A more ambitious and successful woman rebels and protests for her rights, the male-female ego collides, which leads to ultimately divorce. It’s time to understand that women’s dreams aren’t fragile, or can’t be easily neglected. Each and every individual have the right to fulfill his/her dreams, as, if one’s own dreams aren’t fulfilled, then that person can never help their partner’s dream to come true.

Rise of Dawn

Movies like English Vinglish, show us how ill-treated housewives are in the modern contemporary world. On one hand, we want to keep developing, but at the cost of a woman’s dreams? This can’t be accepted, this can’t be true. So let’s keep hustling, till each gender barrier is broken, till each and every individual is set free.

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