2020- A year to remember

2 min readJun 3, 2021

On a seemingly normal day, suddenly lockdown was announced, most of us didn’t even know the reason. The reason was a worldwide pandemic, Covid-19 was taking away the lives of innocent people mercilessly. We were forced to be ‘quarantined’; a word that we didn’t even know existed till yesterday. On one hand, people were murdered by the coronavirus, on the other hand, people were losing their jobs, money, and livelihood. There’s no doubt that Covid-19 created a forever black mark on history and the harm is done by it is unforgivable. Let me spread some light on the way 2020 was an extraordinary year, some ups and downs of this year.

The first thing which comes to our mind is work from home. Though work from home culture was previously supported by some of the telecommunication companies, this culture wasn’t considered to be suitable. But during this Covid-19, companies were shut down and employees were forced to work from home. Online platforms like Google meet, zoom, etc flourished. Schools, colleges, and universities shifted to an online mode of education. Even meetings, seminars, and events were starting to get performed via the internet.

The work-from-home culture demanded modern electronic gadgets and a stable source of the internet. The technology revolving around this modern-day communication drastically improved. In the absence of covid-19, who would have thought that office jobs can be done from home as well? Who would have imagined that students can attend school, in the comfort of home? This pandemic opened up a whole new horizon to be explored.

As schools and offices were closed, transportation decreased, and thus the pollution level decreased. Though the critical problems faced by automobile drivers were severe, in the long run, nature and the atmosphere itself healed a little. Studies suggest that air pollution levels in cities drastically decreased. After the lockdown was removed, automobile associations, especially bus drivers increased the fare to make up for their loss during the lockdown.

In this work from the home condition, all of us had to return to our hometowns. Quarantine was the most amount of ‘family time’ anybody has ever had. Old parents could meet their son after so long, children got rid of everyday school, and finally, we could all be with our families. This covid-19 has gifted us the most valuable gift, the gift of “time”. We worked on ourselves, gained new skills, and rediscovered ourselves. Though coronavirus took away precious lives, the ones which are remaining now, know the worth of health, family, and time.

Originally published at https://4884sneha.wixsite.com on June 3, 2021.